Art helps us notice the beauty under our feet, to search for the meaning of dreams, illusions and sensations magically transformed into a silent form of personal expressiveness. A painting is an extended moment, a still frame that gives us a chance to see a point in time captured in a two dimensional space.

In the constant attempt to artistically portray the relationship between people and nature and transport art lovers to a majestic realm of art, tremendous thought goes into the creation of exhibitions, each with its own character and persona.

Starting their journey in 2017 and bringing it to life in 2020 through CLEG Art Gallery, Farida Abdel Aziz Darwish, Dina Fahmy, Rasha Ghaleb and Farida El Kouni presented Cairo with over 30 multicultural and upscale exhibitions as well as a consortium of renowned artists.

Only two years into their founding, and the gallery has already represented artists like the daring Ahmed El Dafrawy, the self-taught folk artist Hassan El Sharq, the iconic Ayman Saleh Taher along with talents such as Wael Abed, Britt Ghali and Nourhan Ibrahim, to name a few.

Whether within the gallery walls or reaching beyond the gallery and partnering with famous names like Emaar, CLEG Art Gallery organized events such as Cairo Exhibition, Hakawy El Sharq, Kemet Exhibition, Wonder Art Exhibition and the Art Deco Exhibition at Uptown