Somewhere in Time II

CLEG Art Gallery is currently hosting the pioneers exhibition “Somewhere in time II“. A pioneer possesses boldness and conviction to turn left when everyone else is going right.The true creative spirit of a great artist yearns to be a contrarian. Pioneers certainly did not go where the path may lead, instead they created thier own paths and left significant trails for artists and art lovers.


Abdel Aziz Darweesh

Adham Wanly

Ahmed Abdel Wahhab

Esmat Dawstashy

George Bahgoury

Kamal Yaknour

Kamel Moustafa

Margo Veillon

Moustafa Meshieal

Omar El Nagdi

Raouf Abdel Megid

Refaat Ahmed

Sabry Ragheb

Seif Wanly

Salah Taher

Sameh El Banany

Samir Rafi

Exhibition Gallery