Refki El Razzaz Solo Exhibition

CLEG Art Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the renowned artist “Refki El Razzaz 2022”. Saturday 22nd January from 7-9 pm.

“In this exhibition, I present a collection of my artworks that has been accomplished during the past two years. Casted with the tools and language of contemporary art, it is an extension of a research that I began more than 40 years ago into aesthetic values ​​and their semantics in nature, human history, and various human and civilizational patterns.
The reality of art in the world has been affected by various variables, perhaps the most dangerous results of which is the generating of that common lands reality in which things got too mixed up and the serious and professional creative experiments were blacked out between the layers of falsehood, the hotbeds of pretenders and the amateur arenas.
I present my new experiment, hope that it will be a contribution for correcting the paths. I hope that it will gain the admiration and interest of art lovers in Egypt and the world.
I extend my thanks to CLEG Art Gallery.”

Refki ElRazzaz 2022

Exhibition Gallery