Somewhere in Time

CLEG Art Gallery proudly presented the pioneers’ exhibition “Somewhere In Time“

A pioneer possesses boldness and conviction to turn left when everyone else is going right. The true creative spirit of a great artist yearns to be a contrarian.

Egyptian contemporary art Pioneers certainly did not go where the path may lead, instead they created their own paths and left significant trails for artists and art lovers, that we can admire today in this unique opportunity at CLEG Art Gallery. Artists:

Omar El Nagdi

Mohsen Aboul Azm

Seif Wanly

Adham Wanly

Shaker El Maadawy

Hussein Bikar

Ragheb Ayad

Mohamed Sabry


Sameh El Banany

Sabry Ragheb

Zeinab El Seginy

Zakareya El Zeiny

Abdel Wahab Morsy

Sayed Abdel Halim

Sayed Abdel Rassoul

Hosny El Banany

Mostafa El Razzaz

Refaat Ahmed

Raouf Abdel Meguid

Effat Nagy

Gazebeya Serry

El Zamzamy

Youssef Kamel

Samir Rafi

Taheya Halim

Hassan Heshmat

Salah Taher. 


Exhibition Gallery