In a joyful atmosphere and in the presence of artists and art lovers, CLEG Art Gallery had the pleasure to host Dr. Reda Abd El Salam in his first mosaic solo exhibition “MOSAÏQUE”.

Born in Suez in 1947

-Professor, Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, since 2007.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has signed his paintings (Reda). He is a painter and photographer with experiences in sculpture. He pays great attention to expressing the humanitarian and aesthetic contents. The human being, the local coastal and popular environment, and the contemporary life reality represent for him rich sources of creativity from which he draws his vocabulary, inspirations, and various forms of expression as each of his exhibitions represents a special aesthetic case that reflects an anxious, sad, ironic and sometimes cheerful thought and spirit that is characterized by the strength of color expression, design and technical diversity of media It has a creative experimentation and collage culture. His recent artistic works reflect his fondness for materials and their formulation in an unprecedented way, where the elements of shapes collide and converge in momentum and harmony.This is how the artist Reda Abdel Salam presents to us his perception of his creative worlds that carried with them the experience of years, the culture of the era and freedom of thought. He participated in local and international exhibitions since 1981 until now.

▪ Travel exhibiting and accompanying international exhibitions to each of:

Former Yugoslavia – 1981, Switzerland – Basel in 1987, Iraq – Baghdad in 1986 and 1988, Turkey – Ankara in 1989, Spain – Granada in 1993, Italy – Rome in 1995, Brazil – Sao Paulo in 1996, Sarajevo in 1999, India – New Delhi in 2000, Argentina – Buenos Aires in 2001, Kuwait in 2004, Rome in 2003, and Azerbaijan – Baku in 2008, Kuwait International Biennial in 2014 and received the Biennial Prize.

He has many artistic holdings with individuals in Egypt, the Arab world, Europe and USA. As well as two paintings in the Tetograd Museum in Serbia, and many holdings of the Museum of Modern Art and many private and government buildings in Egypt.

Exhibition Gallery