Take one step inside CLEG Art Gallery and experience a hub of visionary initiatives which
fosters the careers of some of the top vanguard artists in our modern day.
Opening in January 2020, CLEG Art Gallery made it its purpose to serve as a meeting place for various currents of contemporary art, and play a leading and responsible role in the art scene.

Spread on an area of 700 meters, and having hosted 35 exhibitions already, CLEG is committed to discovering new and upcoming artists, as well as displaying artworks by modern masters with the intent of portraying substantial concept-based art that resonates with the present and is relevant for the future.

Developed by 4 remarkable women with one shared passion; painting, Farida Darweesh, Rasha Ghaleb, Dina Fahmy and Farida El Kouni dreamed of nurturing and supporting outstanding and inspiring artists through one common dialogue across the art scene relevant to all art forms.

These four artists first came together in 2017 to tell the story of Egypt, its people, its culture and eternal history using their own brushes. Touring the world through their exhibition “Colors of Egypt,” these four exceptional artists sought to remind the world of Egypt’s beauty and reconnect our world with the magic of Ancient Egypt.

Join us in a journey through CLEG Art Gallery. From fine art original artworks to statues and photographs, there is no limit to what you can find at CLEG. The gallery represents artists whose deep connection to nature in all its forms, serves as their primary source of inspiration.

The Grand Hall

Where all the magic happens with each new exhibition. A wide open space with its crisp white lights and continuity serving as home to hundreds of paintings, not only from award winning world-renown artists, but many exciting up and coming painters as well.

The Viewing Hall

Comprised of 5 small halls, the Viewing Hall combines the permanent collection of the Pioneer artists. Acting as a small museum in itself, each hall depicts a unique style and feel.

The Contemporary Hall

With its collection of challenging and provocative contemporary art, this hall takes us into the future as seen through the eyes of many talented and forthcoming artists.

The Patio

The social art community for artists where statues are displayed and open air exhibitions take place. The patio will foster future workshops where young artists are born and aspiring ideas come to life.