Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a thrilling new treatment for thinning and hair thinning mane. Using gene-expression technologies and cutting-edge technology, this groundbreaking transplant strategy can make thousands of skin cells at once. In this approach, healthy hair follicles are transported from a woman’s back in a bald spot. Treatment is safe and effective, and no outages.

Dr . David Datner has got invented a unique device that combines advanced follicular unit transplantation and traditional gene-expression tactics. His ground-breaking product, known as The Datner Hair Transplant, rejuvenates 1000s of cells during a period. He uses hair follicles in the back of the neck for the balding areas. The generating grafts will be then visible on the remaining hair.

The FUT technique is a new new method that revives hair follicles. By using cutting-edge gene-expression methods and follicular unit transplantation. The process includes transferring healthy hair follicles from back of the neck to balding areas. After the transplant, the new follicles will stay in the balding area. It’s the earliest procedure of its kind, and it’s really already assisting balding sufferers look their best.

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