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Mohsen Aboul Azm




Mohsen Aboul Azm

(1958) Bachelor of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Helwan University, 1981. He taught abroad from 1982 – 1996. – Journalist painter in the Arab Culture Magazine in the Libyan Jamahiriya. -Teaching Assistant at Teachers College in Taluk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. -He worked for Sabah El khier, Rose al Youssef and Akhbar el youm magazines. He won a prize in the International Exhibition of the Great Manmade River in the Libya in 1984, 1987 Special exhibitions: -Exhibition in the rotating hall of the Syndicate of Fine Artists 1992, 1994. -At Picasso Gallery entitled (Spiritualties) 1999. -2002 Picasso Gallery. -Exhibition at the American University 2004. -At Salama Gallery, Mohandessin 2008. -At the Art Gallery of the Musical Library, Opera House, May 2010. -Exhibition (Children of Our Alley) at (Azad) Gallery, Zamalek, February 2020. Popular Icons The artist draws his visual heritage from the experiences and observations of old Egyptian films. His paintings show life experiences with the characters and their details, the social class, the profession and the angry or happy features. This made him well aware of the spirit of these people and how to express them with simplicity.

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