Mohsen Aboul Azm

Mohsen Aboul Azm (1958)
Bachelor of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Helwan
University, 1981.
He taught abroad from 1982 – 1996.
– Journalist painter in the Arab Culture Magazine in the Libyan Jamahiriya.
-Teaching Assistant at Teachers College in Taluk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
-He worked for Sabah El khier, Rose al Youssef and Akhbar el youm
He won a prize in the International Exhibition of the Great Manmade River in
the Libya in 1984, 1987
Special exhibitions:
-Exhibition in the rotating hall of the Syndicate of Fine Artists 1992, 1994.
-At Picasso Gallery entitled (Spiritualties) 1999.
-2002 Picasso Gallery.
-Exhibition at the American University 2004.

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