-As If- solo exhibition by WAGIH YASSA

sat19nov7:00 pmsat9:00 pm-As If- solo exhibition by WAGIH YASSA-As If-

Exhibition Details

I practiced art since childhood, and moved between several stages; from realism to Impressionism and other art schools, and I always aspired to practice art with a higher degree of freedom… a freedom that does not stop at the limits of a subject in itself or a specific method of performance, freedom in which heroism is not a subject of a painting, but rather of spaces, lines, and colours.

I have often asked myself… when can I be with this spear within the frame of the painting without the idea of ​​the subject controlling me and my performance?
As long as I wanted to be heroism in my work for color, line, space, and rhythm, and to carry the painting with artistic values ​​that derives from the power of composition, which is created through the dialogue of warm and cold color, which finds lines and various spaces within the work without explicit references to a specific subject, so that the beauty within the painting stems from the drama of the dialogue between these different elements.
So the idea for the exhibition came “as if”
to say that this emotion, even if it refers to a scene familiar to you, stems from the artist’s passion for free emotion on the surface of the painting.



(Saturday) 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


CLEG Art Gallery

Villa 118, Diplomatic District, El Sheikh Zayed