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Homeborn artist Dina Fahmy made it a life mission not to settle, and her adult life saw her traveling to several countries to broaden her experiences. Being fluent in six languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English and Arabic, facilitated her decision to do so.

Following her French school education and hospitality studies in University, Fahmy took to the professional world in Cairo for a few years before moving to Spain to pursue her career in the field of hospitality. Portugal was her next destination before moving back to Egypt in 2000, a few months before her mother’s death. It was in 2014 that Fahmy decided to sign her paintings as “Dina El Rouby,”  adopting her mother’s family name as recognition to her  biggest supporter and the one who initially encouraged her to become a painter.

But it was prior to that, mainly in 2011, that she fully embraced her artistic career.  She trained with great Egyptian artists such as Farida Darweesh and Sami Abdallah from El Marsam Art School. Her travels were a huge source of inspiration and deeply marked her style of portraits and nature scenes, amongst others.  Idealism, the abstract and the warmth of light ,characterized her work.  Recently, Fahmy took to Minimalism using rich texture. Dina Fahmy gives her art a deep vision made of simplicity, making her paintings immediately identifiable.

In 2015, she participated in Cairo in her first group exhibition of artists at the Italian Consulate, where several of her paintings were noticed by famous critics.  This was followed by a second collective exhibition, at the Cairo Opera House.  Since then, she has participated in more than one exhibition per year.

In 2016, she reached artistic maturity with remarkable paintings such as “The Southern woman”, “The white hands” and “The four birds”.  In “The Red Dervish”, her latest work, she spreads a message of peace as acts of indiscriminate violence spread around the world.
Her exhibition in Paris in 2017, at the Egyptian Cultural Center, marks her debut as an international artist, with other exhibitions to follow in Berlin, Vienna, London, Madrid, Rome, Budapest, Prague and most recently at the egyptian pavillion at expo 2020 dubai.

Dina Fahmy has had TV appearances on numerous occasions in Italy, the United Kingdom, Hungary, and of course, in Egypt.  Her exhibitions were covered by various national and international magazines and newspapers. Additionally in 2021, Fahmy was appointed representative of Egypt by the Egyptian Embassy in Budapest (Hungary), on the occasion of the 2021 Francophonie festival, in her capacity as “Egyptian woman, artist and francophone.”

In 2020, and after nine editions of the” Colours of Egypt Exhibition,” Dina Fahmy and her three artist colleagues Farida Darweesh, Rasha Ghaleb and Farida El Kouni, decided to open their own art gallery in Cairo. At “CLEG Art Gallery,” they hosted numerous exhibitions for pioneering artists, as well as young talents. And because art should be shared where ever it is appreciated, CLEG hosted an outstanding exhibition at the Art & Deco event at the prestigious EMAAR Egypt sales center (Uptown Cairo) with the participation of more than 90 artists and 200 paintings.

Dina Fahmy’s paintings stretch across continents: at the Egyptian Embassy in Germany, the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris, the Egyptian Cultural Office in Vienna, the Hassan El Sharq Museum, in Menya, and customers in the UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Italy and Canada.

dina fahmy el rouby presented ‘”myth of the 99″ which debuts as her first solo nft exhibition. 

Driven by unlimited energy, Dina Fahmy, mother of four, is also a translator, Reiki master, homeopath and a Life Coach.

International Exhibitions:
* Paris – 2017 (Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris)
* Berlin – 2018 (Embassy of Egypt in Berlin)
* Madrid – 2018 (Egyptian Institute for Mediterranean and Islamic Studies in Madrid)
* London – 2018 (Egyptian Office for Cultural and Educational Relations in London)
* Vienna – 2019 (Egyptian Office for Cultural Relations and Educational Affairs in
* Rome – 2019 (Egyptian Office for Cultural Relations and Educational Affairs in
* Budapest – 2019 (Embassy of Egypt in Budapest in collaboration with the Italian
  Cultural Center)
* Prague – 2019 (Egyptian Embassy in Prague)
* Rome – 2021 (be..pArt – Guiness world Record. The biggest collective art exhibition
  of all time)

Local Exhibitions: 
-2015 Italian Consulate
-2015 Espace El Hanager (Cairo Opera House)
-2016 Music library (Cairo Opera House)
-2016 Espace El Hanager (Cairo Opera House)
-2017 Darb 17-18 (Old Cairo) -2019 El Kahila Art Gallery
-2021 Uptown Cairo Emaar

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