Dina Fahmy El Rouby

Born in Cairo, married with four children. After graduating from university she moved to Spain where she developed her passion for art. Her late mother was the first to encourage her to paint, to honor her memory, she signs all her paintings by her family “D.El Rouby”. In 2014, she decided to embrace the artistic career completely. She trained with the best Egyptian painters such as Farida Darwish and Samy Abdallah from El-Marsam art school. In 2015, she participated in several exhibitions in Cairo and finally at the Egyptian Cultural Centre in Paris. After which she participated in more international exhibitions at the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin, and other collective exhibitions with El-Marsam in Madrid, London, Vienna, Rome, and UAE (EXPO 2020). After the exhibitions’ resounding success, Colours of Egypt finally took place at Kahila Gallery in their homeland. Colours of Egypt resumed its international tour exhibiting in Budapest then in Prague. In 2020, Colours of Egypt group take another step and opened their art Gallery in Cairo- Egypt in hope of providing more opportunities for more Egyptian Artists. In 2022, Dina Fahmy EL Rouby held her first NFT solo exhibition “Myth of the 99” in CLEG Art Gallery. Driven by unlimited energy, Dina Fahmy is also a homeopath and a Life Coach.

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