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Ammar Shiha


Sweet Potato Seller


Ammar Shiha

Ammar Shiha Born in the village of Al-Harrania in 1972, he holds a BA in Languages and Translation. Member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists and the National Society for Arts. He held many exhibitions in Egypt and abroad and received many awards and certificates of appreciation. “I started dealing with dyes and colors since my childhood, like some members of my family in the village of Al-Harraniyya, under the guidance and education of my brother and friend, the late artist Abdel Nasser Shiha, the artist of batik. An early relationship arose between me and visual arts in all its spectrums … My friendship with scrap is a lifetime friendship. I started my first attempts at the age of nineteen to reuse metal wastes. I cannot resist their spontaneous, suggestive formations wherever they are. I search for them eagerly to rearrange them in a new image”-Ammar Shiha

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