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Ahmed Abd El wahhab




Ahmed Abd El wahhab

Ahmed Abdel Wahhab 1932-2021 Professor of sculpture, mentor to many of Alexandria’s modern day artists. Abdel Wahhab received his diploma from the “Faculty of Fine Arts” in Cairo, 1957 after which he proceeded with his studies at the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Rome. Throughout his prominent career, artist Ahmed Abdel Wahhab held the following positions: * Head of the operating department of “The General Company for Ceramic and Chinese Products”, 1959 * Professor and head of the sculpture department at the “Faculty of Fine Arts” in Alexandria, 1979-1988 * Vice-dean of the “Faculty of Fine Arts” in Alexandria, 1990-1992, and a * Full-time professor at the “Faculty of Fine Arts” in Alexandria, 1992 and until Present day. Additionally, Abdel Wahhab was a member of: * The Cultural Committee in Alexandria, 1975-1980 * The Art Collections Committee, a member of * the jury for the State Prize for Ceramics 1980-1981 * the jury for the 1989 Youth Awards * the jury for the 1990 State Prize Abdel Wahhab was honored with the title “Juror of the Year” in the 1991 exhibition and received the State Merit Award in 2002.

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