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Omar El Nagdi

150x150cm 153x153cm



Omar El Nagdi

Omar El Nagdi 1931-2019 He is one of the most famous artists in Egypt and the Middle East, and the only Arab artist who has a museum of his work in Paris. The sources of which El Nagdi’s art was derived are numerous, as he benefited from Babylonian art, Christian icons, the faces of Fayoum, and Egyptian folk art. El Nagdi had an obvious passion for learning which led him down a long road of art education. He finished his academic studies in Fine Arts in Cairo in 1935, Applied Arts in 1957, and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Italy in 1963, followed by Ravenna Academy, Italy where he studied general mosaic art in 1964. He was professor and head of the Interior Design and Furniture Department of the former Faculty of Applied Arts. He possessed the skill of drawing in various mediums, and perhaps he was one of the first to use sand on canvas surfaces. The greatest critics of the world have written about his works, including the international critic Herbert Reed, George de Kirkko Ser Eric Newton and Victor Repnikar. He has holdings in many museums and has held exhibitions in most countries of the world, including special presentation in: * Venice in 1961 * The Stena Gallery in Rome * B. Ang Burgers Gallery Maastricht in the Netherlands * The Circle Gallery in London, 1969 * Dakar in 1966 * The Institute of the Arab World in Paris in 1995 * Bode Gallery in France

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