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Farida Abdel Aziz Darwish




Farida Abdel Aziz Darwish

Farida Darweesh Farida Abdel Aziz Darwish, Bachelor of Architecture, Cairo University. She was inspired and encouraged by her father, Professor Abdulaziz Darwish, one of the pioneers of the Impressionist Realist School. After 15 years in the engineering field, she decided to rekindle her love for art and focus on developing her talent. In 2011, she founded Al-Marshm, an amateur school, where she teaches her own curriculum. The strength of her teaching method is based on her own experiences and educational journey. She held many exhibitions for her and her students over the years (2014-2019, the most important of which are the annual exhibitions hosted by the Hanager Hall at the Egyptian Opera House, and she also participated in several group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. She also participated in many international festivals in Egypt. She was invited by the Egyptian consulates, where she held art exhibitions called “Colors of Egypt” in the following countries, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, London, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Rome to give art lovers a taste of Egypt. After the great success of the exhibitions, she has now opened her own gallery with her group “Colors of Egypt”. In Sheikh Zayed

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