Shaker EL Maadawy

1944- 2011
-Bachelor of Fine Arts Alexandria 1967
-studied in Italy and received a higher diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1978 and was appointed in 1998 as an art teacher at the Faculty of Art in Kafr El-Sheikh and held more than 20 special exhibitions in Egypt, Italy and Lebanon and other countries.
The world of El Maadawy has a special taste and extended charm as I ts elements intertwine and flow in the race of transparency of its watercolors, in which he excelled in expression in an unprecedented manner, which are simple colors in their neural composition and in their use.
His work are Egyptian tales that tend to the decorative aspect which he studied in the decorative high school, in which he deliberately used the style of colored silhouettes.His worlds are a mixture between reality and myth, he formulated them in simplicity and depth
He lived with childhood dreams, and ruminated memories on the surfaces of his work that he stirred from this love.

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