Samir Fouad

Samir Fouad was born in 1944 in Heliopolis, Cairo, and started practicing art at an early age and playing the violin in his early teens.

Fouad graduated from Cairo University with a B.Sc. in Communications Engineering in 1966 and started a career in the field of information technology which spanned 34 years.

He continued practicing art and his job allowed him extensive travel, which enabled him to continually follow new trends in art.

He has been actively participating in the Egyptian art movement since the early eighties, exhibiting in national and collective exhibitions and establishing himself as one of the leading Egyptian watercolor artists.

Fouad retired from his job at the beginning of 2001 and has been solely devoted to his art since. Fouad wrote a book “Water-Colors”, In 2001, he represented Egypt in the International Water-Color Biennale. He participated in the 2011 Luxor International Symposium. He was a member of various selection committees for national art exhibitions.

He was a member of the Plastic Arts Committee of the Higher Cultural Assembly in the period 2015–2016. He exhibited in England and Kenya in the seventies, and since 1997 he has had fifteen solo exhibitions in Egypt.

In 2016, he co-exhibited with the famous Italian artist Franco Rizolli in Venice. In 2018, the Ministry of Culture organized a large retrospective of his works at the Ofok Gallery and the Mahmoud Khalil Museum, in Cairo. His works have been exhibited in various countries, such as the USA, UK, Russia, Italy, Dubai, Kenya, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

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