Sameh EL Banany

Sameh El Banany
Sameh El Banany stems from a long line of artists; he is the son of great artist Hosni El Banany, and the grandson of the artist Youssef Kamel, one of the pioneers of the fine movement. He obtained his master’s degree in 1975, then traveled to Rome, Italy to obtain his doctorate in 1979. The visual artist, Sameh El Banany, Professor of Photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts, sought to portray an image of all the different scenes he saw in rural areas or areas that reflect the originality of Egypt, such as Al-Hussein and Fatimid Cairo. In many of his works, he focused on palm trees, agricultural areas and many other landscapes.
El Banany’s talent developed long before his enrollment in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Even though he was brought up amongst a family of artistic background, his father left him to independently express that portrays his true self, not directing his style or techniques. Eventually, he became one of the prodigies who influenced generations of visual artists in College of Fine Arts.

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