Raouf Abdel Megid

1932 – 1991
Award-winning Raouf Abdel Megid graduated the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University with a Bachelor of Interior Design in 1956. In order to enrich his artistic education and passion, Abdel Megid proceeded to earn a diploma in art from “The Academy of Art, Rome” in 1959. Upon his return, Abdel Megid opted to pass on his knowledge and was appointed as professor of Interior Design at his same graduating University.
As a gifted expressionist, Abdel Megid gained a reputation for density and concentration colour, roughness of texture and widely spacing the elements of composition to the extent that they appear like isolated islands. Later, he focused on Islamic art, and was inspired by decorative patterns, curlicues and cylindrical designs. Yet, he remained cautious not to fall into the trap of being a decorative artist.
Recognizing his talents, stage director Karam Metawaa collaborated with Abdel Megid to design the set and costume for his plays. His talent did not only stop at stage design but also extended to filmmaking such as “Dawn of a New Day” by resound international director Youssef Chahine and “Love in Karnak” by Ali Reda.
He received many international and national awards including National Award from “Venice Biennale” in 1962. His paintings can be seen at “The Egyptian Museum of Modern Art,” in Cairo, “The Arab Industrialization Organization (AIO),” a number of five-star hotels in Cairo and by many art collectors in Egypt, Italy and the Gulf countries.

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