Nazeer Khalil

Personal data
Date of birth: 9/19/1916
Date of death: 11/4/2001
Specialization: photography

school grade
– Diploma in Applied Arts 1937.
Master’s degree in Art in 1938.
– Higher Art Education Institute in 1945.
Rome Academy of Arts in 1953.
College of Education mission in 1972.
– Founding member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists, Membership No. 133/202, Photography.
– Member of the Teachers Syndicate.
– Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Society of Fine Arts until 1990.
– Member of Fine Arts Lovers.
Jobs and occupations undertaken by the artist
– Worked at the Ministry of Education for inspection in the field of art education.
– Worked as a teacher and then a first teacher at Al Tawfiqia Secondary School.
– A mentor, then a first mentor, North Cairo Educational Administration, then a general mentor at the Ministry.
The places where the artist lived
– Cairo – rural places.
Technical visits
Paying attention to visiting all art galleries and museums of all kinds.
– Visiting all exhibitions and museums in Rome and the Louvre Museum in France.
– All museums and galleries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
Missions and grants
– Studying at the Academy of Arts in Rome for three years to obtain the Academy Diploma in 1953.
The internal mission of the College of Education to study education and psychology.
– The artist was awarded the first prize in the exhibition of studying artists in Italy in 1958.
– The Dante Allegiri group granted me travel and residence in Italy to study the history of Italian art at the University of Perugia.
Technical tasks assigned to him and general contributions
– The artist prepared and coordinated exhibitions of art education for students or teachers of art education in the Ministry of Education and the various artistic unions such as the Union of Drawing and Works Teachers and the Association of Institutes and Colleges of Art Education.
Literature and cultural activities
The artist contributed by writing some artistic words in the education newspaper, along with some booklets and magazines that were produced by art teachers, the Institute of Art Education and the Fine Arts Society.
local awards
– Received the Mukhtar Award (The Return of the Pilgrims) in 1944.
He won the silver medal for the year 1945.
He won the first prize for artists studying in Italy in 1958.
Private collectibles
It has personal belongings for some individuals in Egypt and abroad.
Official collectibles
He has 20 works in the Ministry of Culture.
He has 10 works in the Ministry of Education.
He has three works in the Museum of Geography.
– Museum of Modern Egyptian Art in Cairo.

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