Born in Egypt 1980
BA in Fine Arts, 2003.
One of the stars of contemporary Egyptian art as he possesses expressive energies that qualified him to be among the most important contemporary Egyptian artists in expressing popular life. He reminds us of museum works because of the highly effective craftsmanship in his works and his artistic taste which looks like Egyptian icons with its many images as if he wants to preserve the popular class’s right to express The face of Egypt.
Damrawy continued in his multiple and successive artistic stages, through a journey of research through which he formulates works and experiences that combine with each other to produce visual vocabulary that is related to the subject. His work show his love for the aesthetics of popular life with all its multiple and inexhaustible theses.
What distinguished the artist, Mohamed El-Damarawy as one of the most important painters of the young generation is his influential experiences in drawing, graphics and the use of multimedia, which was his first beginning before he began his treatment of the art of painting in which he relied mainly on the popular heritage and the elements of the popular environment with all its visual data.
Special exhibitions
– Exhibition (3×1) in (Khan Al Maghribi) gallery.
– Exhibition (Rituals) at Abdel Moneim El-Sawy Culturewheel.
– Exhibition (Full-time Shines, Art and Creativity) at Al-Bab Hall, Museum of Modern Art 2012.
– Exhibition (Fantasia) at Al-Kahila Gallery, Mohandessin, October 2014.
– (Eshraqa) exhibition at Al-Kahila Gallery, Mohandessin, January 2020.

Local group exhibitions
– Fourth Festival of Fine Creativity (Small Art Market) in two halls (Nahdat Misr and Isis) at Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center – Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, June 2010.
Exhibition (Whispers of Colors) at Zamalek Art Gallery, September 2010.
– Group exhibition (Egyptiana) in Ibdaa Hall 2012.
Exhibition (Egyptian clips) at Khan Al Maghribi Gallery 2012.
– Group exhibition on (The January 25 Revolution) at the Arts Palace in the Opera.
Twenty-third Youth Salon 2012.
– Exhibition (I am the Egyptian) at (Cala Art) in Zamalek, March 2013.
– Cairo Salon (56) for Fine Arts, Palace of Arts, March 2013.
– Exhibition (On the Banks of Mahmoud Said) at the Mahmoud Said Center for Museums in Alexandria, April 2013.

– Exhibition (The Duo) at Khan Art Gallery, Zamalek, March 2014.
The General Exhibition of Fine Arts, session (36), June 2014.
– (Cairo Art Fair 2) in Gallery Arts Mart, December 2016.
Bilateral exhibition with the artist (Mohamed Abu Al-Wafa) at Art Mart Gallery, February 2018.
– Exhibition (Ajyal) at Picasso Hall in Zamalek, May 2018.
– Exhibition (Times of Art) at Picasso Gallery, Zamalek, July 2018.
– Exhibition at Al-Kahila Gallery – July 2018.- Exhibition (Tawasol) at Al-Mashrabiya Hall, November 2018.
– Exhibition (Small Tires) at Gallery (SAMAH) in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October, December 2019.
– Exhibition (Batch 2003) at Gallery (Azad) in Zamalek, February 2020.
– Exhibition (Tawasol) at Al Mashrabiya Gallery in Dokki, January 2021.
– Exhibition entitled (Generations of Art) in Cordoba Gallery, Mohandessin, February 2021.

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