Kamel Mostafa

Kamel Moustafa
1917 -1982

Kamel Moustafa is considered one of the pioneers of the second generation in the Egyptian art movement. Moustafa appeared at a time when the artistic movement was limited and relied on the fine art lovers from the affluent who represent the elite of the educated Egyptian society. Therefore, it was necessary for those who follow the path of art to have a real talent, as the art lovers did not spend their money on the half talented people.

Moustafa’s mentor was the pioneer Mahmoud Saeed in Alexandria, after which he traveled to Cairo in 1936, to complete his art studies and joined the Higher School of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, graduating in 1941.
Kamel Moustafa learned the impressionism style and landscape painting as well as the classic style and portrait drawing. He then traveled on a mission to Italy in 1946, where he spent four years at the Academy of Arts in Rome to study the art of painting and decorative photography. Returning to Cairo in 1950, he worked as an art teacher at the Art School , then moved on to become an Art Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria.

Kamel Moustafa’s work is characterized by the strong influence of the city of Alexandria. His paintings about the sea, fishermen and the atmosphere of Alexandria are the most beautiful of all his works, which are a continuation of the Impressionism school. His paintings also include portraits and some historical subjects.

His paintings are found in most Egyptian museums such as the Ibn Luqman Museum in Mansoura, the Maritime Museum in Alexandria, the Mustafa Kamel Museum in the Citadel, the Museum of Egyptian Modern Art in Cairo and the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, where his works were appreciated and admired by art lovers in Egypt.

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