9/10/1972 -Bachelor of Art Education, Helwan University 1996 -His artistic subjects varied ,He cared about the major issues in his artistic experience. He devoted his effort to the artistic awareness of a suggestive and creative humanitarian issue such as (Illegal immigration and refugees) and he has held an art exhibition in this regard of Over 24 sculptures and 30 paintings.) and he considered Adam& Eve as a main source of artistic creativity for most of his artworks -His works belong to the expressive abstract school. Whether in a domain Sculpting, paintings or drawing. Certificates PHD Degree in art education – sculpture- Helwan University 2009 Master Degree in art education – sculpture- Helwan University 2003 Membership : Member of the Fine Artists Association Jobs : Teacher at the Faculty of Specific Education in Benha University. International exhibitions 2018- The 3th guarda International Sculpture Symposium , Portugal 2018- The3th hurgada International Sculpture Symposium, Egypt 2012- The2th sodic International Sculpture Symposium , Egypt 2011- The1th sodic International Sculpture Symposium , Egypt 2017- Madinaty International Sculpture Symposium , Egypt 2009- Madinaty International Sculpture Symposium, Egypt 2009- Emirates heights International Sculpture Symposium, Egypt 2006,2003,2001- Aswan International Sculpture Symposium, Egypt 1996,1998,2000,2002- Cairo International Biennale for Ceramic,. 2004

– The Egyptian Contemporary Art Exhibition in Athens, accompanied the Olympics Sports Cup 2008- The Egyptian Contemporary Art Exhibition in china accompanied the Olympics Sport Cup, 2001-Third Aswan International Symposium, Egypt 2003-6th Aswan International Symposium, Egypt 2006-8th Aswan International Symposium, Egypt 2010-Emirates Heights Symposium, Egypt 2018-International Cube Symposium, Spain 2019-Faw. Catmundo Symposium, Nepal 2019-Jeddah International Symposium, Saudi Local exhibitions The Premier Sculpture Salon of Noble Material, 2005. The 32th National Art Exhibition, 2009 Private exhibitions in Egypt 2008- Saad Zaghloul Center 2013- Gezira Arts Center 2014- Mashrabia Gallery 2015- gallery 2016- Picasso Gallery 2018- TAM art gallery 2019- Al Mashrabiya Gallery Cairo International recognition -Prize of the third Cairo International Biennale for Ceramic, 1996. -Jury prize of the Fifth the third Cairo International Biennale for Ceramic,2000

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