A painting’s merit is tied to the response it elicits in an individual
Fatima is graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She also studied fine art at the Dundas Valley School of Art, Dundas, Ontario, the Montreal Museum of fine art, and the Galerie d’ Art Contemporain in Canada along with varied regular summer workshops in Montreal.
A progression of trials and errors of several forms of art, etching, ceramics, painting on metal, sculpture, life drawing (and actually modelling) led to today’s Mixed media assemblage (created with paper, dried plants, gels, fabric, gold leaf and mostly acrylic paint)
Inspired by images and experiences recorded through upbringing, background, education and being Mediterranean born (born and raised in Egypt and lived all adult life in North America), developed a unique and harmonious style of a perfect blend of East and West)
She often blends aspects of her life, interests and passions in the form of a narrative: Through a creative flourish to the written words: Namely paintings based upon lyrics from popular songs of the 60s (Arabic, English, French and Italian) as well as old Egyptian proverbs, into decorative works of art. She thus creates characters that tell a story adding humour and beauty to oversized figures- mainly women-. It is documented that ever since the time of the Ancient Egyptian proverbs have been an integral part of life in Egypt. Thousands of proverbs cover all aspects of behavioral, social, spiritual aspects. In order to best understand the Egyptian psyche, even today, one only needs to listen to some of these proverbs.
Some of her paintings also reveal an inherent interest in Ancient Egyptian culture and a touch of the exotic. She is, as were Deco artists fascinated with the archaeological discoveries of 1922 by Carter’s (as well as a good number of Egyptian archaeologists and workers) excavation of King Tutankhamoun’s tomb which led to a wave of an Egyptomania that swept Europe at the time seen in paintings, furniture, Architecture . A daughter of the Nile, she is influenced by ancient Egypt and the fusion of goldleaf into some of her paintings similar to Art Nouveau’s organic shapes and patterns, fine curves and long lines and Art Deco’s geometric glamour and sharp angles and shapes.

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