Deena Fadel

Deena Fadel is an expressionist artist who surrenders to the spiritual world allowing it
to fuel her artwork with a mystic flow. The use of mixed media in her work allows one
to travel with all senses into another realm.
Deena was born and brought up in the UK, lived in Qatar for several years and has been
residing in Egypt since the age of eighteen. Deena has held several solo exhibitions themed on a journey from chaos to love. She has been in group national and international exhibitions in Egypt, UK, Qatar, Turkey, United States and more and she has been previously shortlisted to be part of a project for Louvre Abu Dhabi. Receiving several awards in the field of Art and Design, Deena showed dedication and promise from an early age, committing her self to the path of learning still now as she continues her art studies through various programs in the London University of Arts. Deena is on a continual soul developing journey welcoming the creativity of life in all its joyous manifestations.
“When I let go of my rigid plans, and become open to the magic Divine flow, the outcome is far beyond the bounded rim of my limited imagination.” Deena Fadel

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