Amer Ali

-Holder of a diploma from Baghdad Institute for Fine Arts  1996
-Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts Baghdad University 2001
-A member in Iraqi Artists Association for fine Arts.
-A member in Iraqi Artists’ syndicate. Exhibitions & Participations:
-A personal exhibition in the gallerv of Fine Arts Institute 1995
-A joint exhibition in the gallerv of Fine Arts College for the students of Painting Department 1999
-Participated in Babel Festival in Baghdad 1997
-A joint exhibition (three in Al musk) in the Musk gallerv in Baghdad. 1002
-A member &participant in the establishing exhibition for group Artists of Plastic Arts in Baghdad 2003
-A joint exhibition bv Arabic group artist In Amman 2005
-The exhibition ( Refuge is challenge) by a group of Iraqi artists under the patronage of the Semitic legation for Refugees Affairs in the UN 2007
-The Exhibition ( five years after refuge) by group of Iraqi Artists in the  French Cultural Center in Damascus 2008

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