Ahmed Hamdy Abdel Gawad

Ahmed Hamdy Abdel Gawad 

Egyptian contemporary artist.

-He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in . mag

He participated in a big number of art exhibitions.

Growing up in o coastal city where families rely primarily on fishing and agriculture to secure a living,hod on impact on him and on the topics he chooses  to point.which he lovers with silent but vividly expressive elements that symbolize hunting, benevolence and sustenance. Some of these symbols con be found  in vessels, animals and birds he points in his work.

“On my canvas, these elements ore found in a dork room that is penetrated by a powerful ray of lightthot brings them to life.

To me, this symbolizes the sustenance of hope, prosperity and generosity of nature. Darkness cannot be permanent, light will always find its way in. •


Ahmed Hamdy Abdel Gawad Gallery