Ahmed Dafrawy

Ahmed Dafrawy

born raised and living in Coiro, Egypt. Influenced by Le Fouves, the, 982 wild beasts, his loose style in painting and lave towards exnressinu his subjects spontaneously with a briuht palette is what net his name among the mast prominent rising Egyptian artists today. Having a swift and spontaneous approach in painting adds a remarkable power ta his

jj  mpressiun. He said I  like ta lase myself in front of the canvas hoping ta

rennin composure; this practice is what helps me reach  a new result each time. he participated in a group exhibition representing the faculty, m5 ‘ he received the certificate of drawing ,   m4 of Art & Education

course completion from the faculty of Art & Education at Zam al ek “re was hosted on Egypt, 995  .nim, Ins national television representing his school jjMisr Language School “with the prominent artist Salah Toher to portray the richness of Egypt’s youth artistic capabilities nationwide. Buck at he received the princess Nouf award at a drawing, 993 competition in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA and was  granted a letter

. 1f recognition by the Egyptian embassy