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Salah Taher




Salah Taher

Salah Taher In 1929, he enrolled at the Higher College of Fine Arts and traveled in 1925 to study art in Europe. In 1954, he held the position of Director of the Museum of Modern Art, then Director of Art Museums at the Ministry of Culture. In 1961 he became director of the Department of Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture and then moved to take over the management of the Egyptian Opera House from 1962 until 1966. He gained wide fame in drawing portraits and rural scenes until 1956 when he turned to the abstract direction after a trip to the United States. Salah Taher was interested in spreading artistic culture through his work as a part-time professor at the Film Institute (1961-1965), where his lectures included general cultural topics such as “the philosophy of art”, “the psychology of creativity” and “artistic appreciation.” Salah Taher presented more than a thousand paintings.

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