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Shahira Shoukry




Shahira Shoukry

A young artist who always had a passion for art but did not know how to release it until she took art classes which led her to begin her art career. She challenged herself into becoming what she always aspired to be which is an abstract painter. Thus she studied for years hoping that one day she will be a well-known artist that influences others through her pieces. Her first official experience was a group exhibition in 2010 and continued to participate in these group exhibitions. Until 2018 She held her first solo exhibition, opportunity to do another one the following years in 2019, Explosion, and Moods in 2020 at el Mashrabia art Gallery. She sketches and paints thoughts about her most passion and found her personal style through abstract paintings, which gave her a focus in her art career. Her love for exploration in colors and different mediums led her from one direction to another, which is visible in her work today. She paints my view on society and transmit my sight on the people and architectural buildings through shapes, textures and colors in her abstract paintings. She always uses Gold leafs as a symbol of light and royalty, it adds a touch to her expression in art.

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