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Ahmed El Dafrawy




Ahmed El Dafrawy

Ahmed El Dafrawy A young but daring artist, El Dafrawy was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1982, and still resides in his home country. Influenced by Les Fauves (the wild beasts), his loose style in painting and love towards expressing his subjects spontaneously with a bright palette, is what got his name among the most prominent rising Egyptian artists today. Having a swift and spontaneous approach in painting, adds a remarkable power to his impression. “I like to lose myself in front of the canvas hoping to regain composure; this practice is what helps me reach a new result each time,” is what El Dafrawy had to say about his style of painting. Having a very early start, he received the princess Nouf award at a drawing competition in 1993 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and was granted a letter of recognition by the Egyptian Embassy. Additionally, in 1995, El Dafrawy was hosted on Egypt’s national television representing his school, “Misr Language School,” with the prominent artist Salah Taher to portray the richness of Egypt’s youth artistic capabilities nationwide. The year 2014 saw him receiving the certificate of drawing course completion from the faculty of Art &amp in Zamalek, Cairo. In 2015, El Dafrawy participated in a group exhibition representing the faculty of Art &amp.

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