Nourhan Ebrahim

Nourhan Ebrahim
Within this chaotic messy world we live in, I want my artwork to be a chance to catch your breath
and wonder. I’ve experimented in all kinds and fields of photography but always returned to nature
The idea of beauty and present have always been interesting to me, what do we find beautiful? and
Why? Are we really living in the present? Are we aware of the world we live in? Or do we live by our
ancestors’ vision of the world? My goal is to make photographs that draw viewers to meditate. A
focus on details keeps us in the present and gives us a chance to ask questions about stuff we
already know but never see it that way or ever really take a look at it. Macro photography has always
been dismissed as a serious artwork or a technique used to express oneself. But to be fair if you
google Macro photography you won’t be impressed and you will find it generic despite being a
method of magnification. As a person who has always been a sensitive person and always aware of
what I’m surrounded by if I’m outside or indoors. I’ve always seen tiny details with my bare eyes and
that gave me a brief moment of peace and quiet since I was little.
This exploration of the overlooked helps me engage more deeply with where I am in space and time.
I chose macro and landscape specifically cloudescape as a means to document how I see the world
around me. What fascinates me about clouds and skyscape is that it is always there. We are the
ones who overlook it over the time, whenever I feel stressed I immediately look at the sky and take a
deep breath. I wanted to give back and represent this deep breath in the mesmerizing clouds that
follow us everyday and night. I hope the viewer forgets that he is looking at a photograph & instead
has more appreciation for the beautiful world that already surrounds us.

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