Lino Osama

Lino Osama is a multidisciplinary visual artist B.1986 in Coiro. Osama holds a BA. in pointing and studied art in Austrian art academies at Salzburg
Her expressionistic figurative paintings blending contemporary scenes from her
personal life and Egyptology themes hove been exhibited worldwide in more than 80 exhibitions, fairs and biennials at prestigious art venues such as the Amazigh Heritage Museum of Morocco, Gmundten 422 in Austria, Made In. in Italy, Go Arts in Romania and Cairo unlleries like Picasso Art, Nile Art, ArtsMart, Shariah Gallery and TCC at AUC and Azad art galleries. She was awarded the painting prize by Zam al ek Art Gallery at Art Lovers Assoc. in Siwa Oasis Artist

Lino Osama Gallery