Hossna Hanafy

Hossna Hanafy

Alexandrian based visual artist. I hove graduated from faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University, Pointing deportment, Closs. 

I prefer mixing variety of mediums together, colored pencils, markers, ink, acrylic point, charcoal and collage on canvas, paper or wood.
Usually, I pion things in advance. Sometimes I start with a small size
pencil sketch or a fast outline on the actual surface of the artwork. During the process it evolves into something might be different than what I’ve begun with

My inspiration comes from many different artists, Egon Schiele, Jenny Saville, the Egyptian pioneer Zeinob EI-Seginy, Serwon Boron and too many more.
My stage experiences as a theatre actress with Noah-Ship team – 002
, 1Dl0ond my early volunteer work as on arts & drama trainer for speciul• need children through Rashid Mohomed Rashid institute hove a big influence on my character.

Two independent short film experiences,
Portrait, with the Idea and as a port of the film developing team London MENA film festival, England.
-The World Event for Young Artists (WEYA), Nottingham, England.
-Moscors, AI-Hurrio film festival, Coiro.
-Ascono film festival, Switzerland.
Rehabilitation, as on eve-director assistant (Decor and costumes)
and a port of the film developing team.

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